The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Crazy_Bomber featuring


Ballsy… but no.


After an hour in a taxi, an hour in an airport lounge, a four hour flight jammed in cattle class, another 40 minutes in another taxi and 20 minutes of unpacking and setting up my laptop again, this was just the relaxing sort of beat I was after.

Easy yes


Glad to hear it, LB.



Post night shift delirium yes.


Wow. That was appalling.



I want to yes but no.
Is this a genuine guilty pleasure, or…what is this?
I don’t want to be mean, I’m interested.


Definitely guilty pleasure. I’m a big Kraftwerk fan, so hearing someone reinterpret it into something cheesy yet properly thought out and put together is fun and interesting.

For the purposes of playing it here I was looking for something far removed from what gets played, and well… I was bored and wanted to have a closely voted song.



Knew I should have postponed voting.


An hour later and… nothing…
Once upon a time people would’ve been queuing up in here to be the saviour or deliver the killshot…


Yeah, I honestly don’t mind either way.


The most boring cliffhanger ever.


Where are the “Where is …” posts?


Where is @Socks_and_Sandals if there was ever a song for him, this is it.


Easily better than half the rubbish people wank over in here.




Eat my shorts.


Good timing, just got out of class…



Yes. Good, solid rock (which had me recalling Bodyjar for some reason).