The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Crazy_Bomber featuring


Mission accomplished luckily had 2 bomber supporters in my ride peloton so double bonus…great experience to ride all the way there every single kilometre 953 of them…

now i have to trawl back to see the whole blonde DJ thread…


Liked that. YES.


Too late it seems, got over the line.


The problem with letting poor songs like the ones before go through is you force yourself to let half decent ones through afterwards because you’ve already accepted sh*t. Good grief even the music video was putrid to go along with the lyrics and song.

As for this one I’ve liked it the most out of your 6 odd so far, sounds like something from the late 90’s phase. It’s a decent song, yes.


Jez would easily be KoK it he just steered away from his obsession with ‘weird stuff.’

He’s like a batsman who makes a quick 50, looks really good but then goes out on 65 playing a silly shot.

Yes for this song.


Great job. Massive effort!


It’s cos I like weird stuff and like trying to have a unique contribution every now and then, but it’s also totally my character to self-sabotage and not find out how far I can go, haha.




Hey that’s my game - get your own schtick!!!




Free yes to keep it moving.


Dancing down the pitch to a bouncer?


I’ll put my hand up, I basically copied Jez’s musical tastes for Blond.

The under appreciated post punk song. Thought about Television but settled on Feelies.

The 80’s synth heavy classic, just cant be new order. So went Visage

The 2000’s post punk revival = the walkmen

It worked well and I certainly got good votes from the man himself.


That started so well and then the drop or whatever almost made me vote no straight away…again it was good, not as good as it should have been. Yes.


I can’t ■■■■■■■ stand that ■■■■■■■ annoying baby girl ■■■■■■■ voice. no no and ■■■■■■■ no.


I’m not gonna lie, I stopped it at around 2:30 the same time the tea kettle sounds came in…that was on Deckham’s scale for me a 50.01/100


I’m torn on this one. My appreciation for those vocals is right up there with Deckham’s but I really liked the rest. I also approve wholeheartedley of mrjez dancing down the pitch. YES


Damn, can you teach me how to follow my own tastes?


Horrid. And not just in the vocals.No.

That wasn’t dancing down the pitch - that was being run out at the bowler’s end backing up, without facing a ball.


I made it to 42 seconds where it asked me politely to “Kill me now”, so I did.