The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Crazy_Bomber featuring


Hey @Robin_Close I think @mrjez has been nicking our records. YES


Clearly mine


No. always hated that singing style, utterly horrid.


Such bias…I think if you listen carefully, you will find that mine is clearly the more superior version

(and that’s a totally unbiased opinion)




What was the other one?

I’ve seen them and really enjoyed it just for the record.



The Vines. No contest.


Wow that’s a surprise. Does the singer lack engagement with the audience?



Cheers for putting up a region-friendly video. Turns out I can’t watch your one.


It was just all wrong. His voice was shocking, and virtually inaudible. The band was all over shop… I think they got thrust into the spotlight way before they should have. They could barely play yet.

Be interesting to see if they improved.


Other than the singer (who is a loose cannon of the highest order), are there any other of the original Vines left?

Yes to PIL.

P.S. worst band I saw was Big Audio Dynamite, by the length of the Flemington straight… utterly ■■■■…


I thought it might have to do with the singers aspbergers syndrome but it sounds like that they were all a bit of a mess.


I honestly have no idea. I dropped them pretty quickly after seeing them live, and never paid much more attention.

I still rate Highly Evolved as an album, though.


Pop will Eat Itself for mine but U2 for the most overrated big stadium setup at the MCG echo chanber that was awful. Sounded better when we left and heard a couple of songs walking home.


Listened to U2 from outside the venue at both MCG and Waverley. Sounded great - far better than inside by all accounts. Beers (from our esky) were far cheaper too…


Oh yeah, Ratcat (who I like on record) supporting The Buzzcocks. Lol, ordinary live band from Sydney come to Melbourne to support one of the all time great punk bands. Lame!


You did well. Much cheaper and much better sound.


I never saw Ratcat but heard they never came off too good live once they got thrust into larger venues.


Well, they didn’t exactly have a varied repertoire, did they? A couple of great tracks, but the very embodiment of a one-trick pony. I was reminded of that fact when I saw them at Day On The Green a few years ago. Very samey over 30-odd minutes… a lot of interchangeable mid-paced, clean verse/fuzzy chorus songs in 4/4 finished by Don’t Go Now and That Ain’t Bad.


In a recent podcast interview Simon said they started out really trying to sound like Buzzcocks.