The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Crazy_Bomber featuring


Yeah that sounds right. I imagine they would go down well in a pub but even at the medium sized Palace they struggled. I saw so many big bands at the Palace and it was a good venue at times; Nirvana, Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop, Hoodoo Gurus and of course several Beasts of Bourbon gigs, they all nailed their shows there.




expedient yes


Whilst not world class artists, the Badloves were the worst I’ve ever seen. For a pub gig, they struggled big time. In the end they didn’t even play their “hits” because the crowd had given up on them.


Yes for all the discussion.

I saw New Order a couple of years ago (well parts of new order anyway) and they were fantastic…


Plenty of terrible gigs over the years but none a patch on some of the RMIT battle of the band’s things…

(And ftr the times I’ve seen U2 - tennis Centre and Docklands - they were very good at the stadium thing)


No to the Song, though I like some PIL, this just meanders compared to the fiery stuff.

One of my worst gigs in the last few years Bob Dylan at the Tennis Centre. Just dragging his voice through songs like a crow with a stroke. Some may say what’s new, but he dropped melody, clarity and phrasing. Sometimes his band makes up for this but they were struggling too. It became a “pick the song” competition which would go on for minutes.


Was that when Patti Smith supported? I was there and thought Bob Dylan was very poor. Patti was great though.

Edit: no sorry, mine was many years ago.


Saw Destroyer last year and walked out it was so bad. Albums he ropes in heaps of musicians to create multi layered music, live just a single out of tune hobo almost busking. Was bad.


The song is 6-2 before this. Is it also for the song or just the discussion?


Can’t remember the support. He did a lot of his Knopfler/born again work- might have been @JohnRain supporting with a DJ set.


Easy yes to PIL


For the song


Thanks Robin, that’s definitely 7 then.


I see Thelma Plum is performing by at Dreamtime. I hope she plays that song from Blond DJ…3 times.


Yes. Who are the greatest shoegazers @mrjez - MBV, Ride, or are you perhaps a Slowdiver?


Great track. Yes.


On first listen I thought it was a bit repetitive. Ironic considering my love of repetitive dance music. So I gave it a 2nd listen and it started to grow on me.



Damn… I always had Slowdive a distant third but in recent years I’ve become obsessed with Souvlaki and Pygmalion. Hmm, I guess MBV are the archetype, the bar raiser, I’ll go with them.