The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Crazy_Bomber featuring




Only being a casual listener to MBV, I honestly struggle to tell their songs apart from each other. Like all of them this is OK-ish, but it doesn’t leave an imprint on me really. They never have done.
Yes, only just.


No, sorry. There is a common theme with a lot of your tracks, man - that stretchy tape-reverb thing along with intentional or otherwise discordant vocals and/or instruments that sometimes comes off, and others just annoys me. Couldn’t get past much of this one.




Wow, that was really dull. No


Let’s get the thread moving so I can stop reading depressing football ones.




After reading this, I really wanted to help you out.

Unfortunately LB’s description seemed very accurate and so my vote probably doesn’t help at all.



Gee, who let all the negative nellies in?



Yes… Just


expedient yes

7-4 @mrjez


Just some bratty late teens in a car heading to a show across town or a skate somewhere, this blasting from the tape deck:


That was… curious. All the pieces were there but somehow it just didn’t work for me as a whole - somewhat less than the sum of its parts. The vocals were almost too clean and nice for the song.
It reminded of one of those anonymous early 80’s Oz bands that Molly was so fond of putting on Countdown with their very first single. You know the ones… they always sounded like the English teacher at your school had formed a band and they’d pooled their money to get some recording time.


Haha, I might have to seek some of those out.


Wait, what?

Now the vocals are too clean.


I know! Coming from me, right?
Needed to be snottier… Blink 182-ish.
It is possible to be snotty and hold a note…




Well, not snotty in the literal sense… then it reaaly is difficult to hold a note…


Interesting considering Blink are a poor man’s All/Descendents.


Yeh… like I said… curious. Something was just… off.