The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes


Great album


Wtf are you drinking Johnny?




I get no joy from being Kok, but the joy of seeing how much it riles Johnny, well that’s a lot of joy.


Mate, those two have been pulling the same sheet since MKI. Losers are always gunna hate, bro. I got your back.


This is my 14th spin of the set by my count.

Only 43 more to go according to Deckham…


It’s the one true joy of the role.


Aim high, Azza me lad.


Dude, what are you on, your missing a song.


14 is brilliant. I remember when 5 was my target.


It’s hard to keep up.

I know it’s more than 10 cos I ran out of fingers to count on.


Have a very satisfied yes. Unlike the rest of these white fellas, I dig native talent. Power to the Red man.


Started on the Sapporo beers (perhaps 6-8 x 500ml cans done), a bottle of Aussie Cab Sav, 3 cans of shochu and am now sipping umeshu (plum wine) on the rocks. Quiet night. Lucid.


Crazy Bomber is gonna wake up to about 50 PM’s in the morning from Johnny.

“C’mon, where are you? I’m trying to overthrow the King and I need my boyfriend to support me!”




I love a jealous Penus, I mean Peos. :laughing:


Oh man, I love the umeshu. All we’ve got here is Moscato which is basically Moselle for rich people.


:rofl: that is bang on


Can you save a few bottles of Yamazaki for me? I hear Japan has a whisky shortage…


I didn’t mean it to be catty, but on second read…

Meow indeed!