The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes


Not at my joint.


Ok, time to settle down in here. I’m drunker than the lot of yas, guaranteed, but I still see the need to vote no.


Big call.


Six hour beer event where every beer was higher than 10%… I think I got on the wrong train home and might hit JR’s town soon.


Looks like everyone passed out.


Man, you pass around one joint and all these drunks drop like flies…


Not always. :wink:


I said one, not fifty.


Still at the fracking pub.

Yes to all songs thanks


The pub does hydraulic fracturing while you’re in there?


Wow, that Demon Juice song went over better than I thought it would :wink:


Sorry to weird you out anymore than I already do, however, I actually had a dream last night that we opened a sports/music bar together. It was a massive success. I even dreamt about a group of Yakuza trying to shake us down and you and I (miraculously - as wimps) shaking them off. It was a superb dream. Da fck? :laughing:


Basically @mrjez, what Johnny is trying to say is…

Will you be his popsicle?


Without Peos we wouldn’t know what’s going on. What’s going on?


I don’t even know what a popsicle is.


Well, then, we’re in trouble.


What’s on second.

Who’s on first.


Man… again?!


Clearly it’s a Japan thing.



Imagine the fights over who gets to DJ in this bar.