The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes


I’m a bum. No for this. And a redundant one at that

I would’ve preferred and given a Yes for Red Right Hand

It’s the Peaky ■■■■■■■ Blinders


Considered that one.


Gollum and Charlene are through Az, spin again


Redundant no. Don’t get Cave. At all.


Saturday chills…

Be warned @BAAKKEERRRR, there’s a sax player in this. He doesn’t have a ponytail though, so that’s something…






Geez was that Glee or something? No


Wow. No.


Loved it.
A refreshing change to the style usually played in this thread. Good, honest feel-good jazzy r&b.
Big Yes


No thanks


Have a Yes. Nice chill song.

I just hope the players aren’t listening to this before the game. Need them to be pumping out FNM Gentle Art of Making Enemies



Will take a fair effort to come back from here…


Band name reminds me of Lawrence Mooney and he has to be the unfunniest smug annoying comedian around. Genuinely can’t stand listening to him.

For reminding me how much I hate Mooney have a No


I totally agree about Lawrence Mooney. Always have.

Except I saw him do a stand up set a few years ago and… He was farkin hilarious. Lots of conflicted laughter from me.


Good set @Azza78 Some interesting songs. But not this one.



Nup. Thanks for coming.


Damn Kira, what chance have we got of getting a new DJ to spin an hour before game time?


Cracking set @Azza78 16 or songs, through some classics and lesser known gems.


Point taken. But, blame the song, not the voter :slight_smile: