The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes


Rain won’t be happy when he rises. Good set azza


Ah, the old “better luck next time, champ” from the relieved KoK.

You’re getting good at this.



Great effort there Azza

You can now be called KoK of the reluctant DJs


Comfortably my longest set - 17 or 18 songs or so. Tried to keep it varied a play something for everyone and not just stick to the grunge/punk/garage stuff I love.

Just got too close to the title and the @Paul_Peos/@Preliminary_Point2 cabal intervened. Isn’t that right, @JohnRain :crazy_face::laughing:



At least now I can get back to voting no to everything and shitcanning everyone else’s choices :wink:


That’s my favourite part too.


So are you going to nominate someone to succeed you @Azza78 ?


Look at old itchy finger Swoodley over here, just hanging to play some game day classic rock.


I wanna nominate Peos just so I can hate-no everything he puts up, but…

Who hasn’t manned the decks for a while?


Decks manned the decks recently


Not me man…I’m still trying to figure out how to get past a two song set when you lot won’t vote for Nightwish


He’s too busy ‘manning’ himself over that JR pic…


Fark it, the booth is open.

First in can have it.


I only gave you one no vote.

If I knew you wanted to start a rivalry, I would have given more.


Only one? That doesn’t seem right…

I better go back and do a re-count…


C’mon Peos…have a spin


Don’t mention that song when @Paul_Peos is around.


@Zimmer…you’re here…have a spin