The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes




Damn if Peos is playing I’m going to have to start warming up.


I was up pretty recently… Go @Zimmer


Spin the bitterness away…who knows, play that again and it would probably get through (I’d yes it)


Nah, on my way to the football.


Go zimmer go


Spin before you leave




As I said…


So go yourself…it’s been over a month since you last had a spin.

That’s enough of a break


Nah, I haven’t really slept yet. I’ll be lucky to last the game, let alone be around to spin after it.


No one wants the decks post loss to Brisbane when everyone is worked up about Myers and Clark.


@westozziebomber wanna spin?



Fark it, somebody will step up after the game.

Until then, sob stories…


@mrjez thoughts on the new foals album? I really like it, lost the rawness of the early albums, but some great songs.


I haven’t kept up with them, but funnily enough I was pumping the first album on my headphones on the train home last night. Thanks, I’ll give it a listen.


I just brought the debut on vinyl. It’s record store day in aus today so went down earlier. Been meaning to get it for ages.


It was that track getting played in Blond DJ that made me realise I hadn’t listened to them for years. Now it’s getting regular spins again. It’s like an awesome Bloc Party/Battles hybrid.


Continuing on the car theme of a few nights back, I (together with some mates) made the long journey to Bribie Island (just North of Brisbane) in late 1981.

The concept of the journey there was that we only stopped for petrol…nothing else. If you wanted food, drink or a toilet break, you did that at the petrol stop.

There were six of us in three cars…three of us had made the journey before and the others were doing it for the first time.

We left Melbourne around 2.30am and headed North. About two hours into the drive, the car with two of the newbies indicated that they were pulling over…they were the trail car at that stage and so the other two cars had to stop and go back to see what was wrong.

Imagine our displeasure when we found out that they were only stopping to change drivers…“we should all be changing every two hours” was the statement from one of them (a police officer). They both copped a serve about that and we continued on.

It was a long trip as they both wanted to stop for lunch break and dinner break (as well as their regular driver changes)

The only stop the rest of us were happy with was when we stopped in Ipswich to buy beer (it was getting late and we were worried we wouldn’t get to Bribie before the pub shut).

Total travel time was 21 hours to do around 1750kms.

The trip back some weeks later…less than 17.5 hours as the slow two had left a week earlier.


Definitely bloc party.