The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes






Cool clip. Shame the music was a steaming pile of manure.



Redundant yes, spin again @Kj_11


Sunday night was a great night for going out, especially for some ‘ahem’ action.

This is something of a blitz meme, can’t believe it hasn’t been played for that reason alone, so I have to, just to get it in the official lists:



That vocal treatment and sax will be right up @BAAKKEERRRR s alley. I think it’s horrible. NO.


I just can’t. Soz, KJ. No.





The dreaded “featuring”…always a sign of a song that needs a NO


Talk Verde to me!

A+ effort on the meta memes knowing full well you were going to get crucified.

A valiant yes.






Ha ha! YES.




Haha! Now we need X Gon Give It To Ya. Yes


4-6 on the people with a sense of humour tally.


Man, that’s wrong.



You need a sense of humour to like that, eh?
Clearly I don’t have one then, because that was absolutely putrid in every possible way. I need a shower to wash the stench that left off…
A thoroughly well-deserved NO.


Nearly got there, closer than i thought. :smile:

Thank you and the DJ King position is now open to all.


Who’s up?