The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is @Davo...spinning some cool and groovy tunes


You are


Cmon @Diggers!


If somebody doesn’t step up I’m gonna play Los Lobos.


@Diggers has never been the same since his recent (cough) operation (cough). Trust you are OK, buddy. :wink:


I don’t wanna hog the decks because I feel I have had a lot of turns but if nobody is gonna spin I’ve got a few ideas ready to go.


You should go!


Yeah, we need something:


Sure. yes.




I’m hesitant to take a spin these days. We seem to have honed into a limited style of music over the journey. It’s either indie rock, hard rock, or EDM. Anything else will probably get you the boot, and I like other stuff.


Oi, this is other stuff.


Absolutely - here’s a Yes for effort.




Yeah liked that.


The way it should be.

Yes for this one, though, I got into it. Suits my ‘just started work’ vibe.


Horrible. No.


Best to get this stuff outta the way at the start of the set when punters are more forgiving. Yes


seems to be real musicians playing real music

So have a Yes


Wow, flood of votes coming in!


Hehe, thought you might like it and @JohnRain would not. So far all going according to plan. P.S. @mrjez has already seen through my cynical strategy.