The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @JohnRain/@mrjez/@Strewth...bringing their variety...wait, what variety...they're all the same person


I had assistance from many angles. @johnrain got me back on track when I started to lose focus, thanks Johnny. 21 songs altogether.


Welcome @anastasios1979!

I’m gonna grab a beer and vote all the yesses that I’ve got.



21 is huge.

I’d say it’ll never be beaten, but now that everyone would rather vote yes than risk having to spin again themselves, it probably will.

But until then… Long live the king!


And no for the song.



Big Yes.

Sounds like dicension in the ranks, Staz could be a cabal killer.


Carefully he will quote this in 2 months time as why you owe him.


I just… don’t like this song, specifically.


I missed the whole coronation.

But from skimming over it… Johnny seemed to enjoy your demise just a bit too much.


A Lannister always pays his debts.


The cabal are masters of deflection. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be seen (surprise, surprise) as one of their own was gloriously deposed.

Please, dude. That is kinda impossible. I treated the family to a high course lunch after Hambo’s ascension to the throne. The celebrations will extend weeks (months even).

Long live King Hambo!

You’re dead.

Yes to Ana’s first song.


The irony is, no one was cheering for hambo more than me.

The jealousy was kinda cute, dealing with the narcissistic rage, not so much.

I am more than happy to pass the crown on.


That’s why you left him stranded at 6-6, refused to vote & tried to call in Peos to kill Hambo. We all witnessed it. Fortunately, LB dropped by & gave him the winning 7th yes vote. Trying to take the moral high ground after that act (as a former KOK) reeks of stuff too horrible to envisage.


You assume he was going to vote no…


I assume nothing, except that you abstained at 6-6, told us you were abstaining in the thread, called in Peos (to vote yes/no when you could of?) & now claim…

Um, OK, man.


Think that’s 7. One more before I go to bed.


KoK fight? :slight_smile:

Speaking of fighting—I’ve trained 12 year old children who could outbox the “boxer” in that clip. My goodness.

Anyway, YES for the cheese.


I thought I knew my 90’s Euro dance but you are Dylan Shiel levels of elite Anas!



Ha, ha. This track takes me back to the mid-90s & Silvers Nightclub. Law/Eco students at Uni had these little medallions that enabled cheaper entry and drinks. And they used to flog Eurodance tracks such as this. It’s all a fun blur, so have a yes for the trip down memory lane. :joy:


Truly appalling.