The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @JohnRain/@mrjez/@Strewth...bringing their variety...wait, what variety...they're all the same person


I’m grooving along to that one. YES


Small yes.





That’s not a very fair fight. The one on the right is almost blind and the other one is thinking WTF are you doin’ old man?





I’ll pay that.:sweat_smile:


Yes to the track, but Rain almost made me post no just for the “trip down memory lane” of such nightclubs. Fortunately I had no memories of Silvers, but if he’d mentioned G-Spot I’d have had to say no.


Reminds me of the greatest dog I have ever owned Ralph. Was a hilarious little dude. My parents had spoilt rotten Jack Russels who lived on Pate and fillet steak and me and Ralph ate junk food and smoked weed together. The Jack Russells hated Ralph’s laissez faire attitude and constantly tried to attack him and in typical Ralph fashion he thought it was hilarious and used to wind them up endlessly. Sometimes they would get a bite out of his fluffy tail and he would get his mischevious grin going and taunt the silly old half blind gits even more. Fark I miss that dog. Best creature, human or otherwise that I have ever met.


Was Ralph a Chihuahua or an Alsatian?


Or Deckham?


Very original Johnny.


He was meant to be one of those Labradoodle kind of dogs that don’t shed hair but he was really just a mutt that had more collie and poodle than Lab. He dropped hair everywhere. This photo was taken on his last day alive, RIP Ralph.Picture%20210


Honestly speaking, a close mate of mine shared the idea with me. I just kinda built on it with the pic and opportunity/context, etc. I’d credit him, but, yeah, nah, better that the narrative continue as it were. :grin:


Oi, King @hambo.

When are you running Blonde DJ?


Lazy KoK


I’ve got plenty of free time at the moment so I can organise no probs. Happy to kick it off after the Anzac day weekend although @JohnRain is away camping and it would’nt be fair to start without the inaugural winner. I think @anastasios1979 offered to help out with the admin.

Lets start the ball rolling and get people deciding their initial tracks and we can round up some of the guys like @choppsuey, @coldblood, @wimmera1 etc who have been missing for a little while.


Looks nothing like me.


Get farked I was composing a considered speech for the masses.