The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @JohnRain/@mrjez/@Strewth...bringing their variety...wait, what variety...they're all the same person




Yes. My old man used to play in a band doing this kind of stuff in his Uni days. I’ll send him the link.


Sheesh… you try to stay away and all of a sudden… boom… being pinged like crazy… six or seven of the buggers.
Anyhoos… I’ve had uncontrollable bleeding from the ears for the past week or so. The doctors were at a complete loss for a diagnosis. Somehow it magically cleared up this morning. Not sure why…strange.


Were BBVD the ones who played in the film Swingers? These kinda bands really took off around that time. I met Royal Crown Revue guys at a fest once, super friendly dudes who got the whole place dancing up a storm during their set.


Let me pour you a drink to welcome you back.


Is/Was the lead singer of Caustic a Bombers supporter?


I dont think Donnie was, but I didn’t know as well as Jez would have.


You dudes are fckn linked.


Yeah, he wasn’t into sport much except skateboarding. Drummer is a mad Pies fan though.


New cabal???


There are a few dudes around Blitz who were in the scene it seems.


It’s incredible how they spring up.


That’s all we need…


Don’t get me wrong. I frickin love it.


All coming from the same Japanese IP address.


All with big crazy back tatts and pinkies missing :wink:


So who is the “real” blitzer and who are the fakes?

Could it be that @JohnRain is in fact just an alias for @mrjez?

Or is it the other way around???

Or are they all really @Strewth who has only just now decided to come out into the open???


I love the idea of someone working three devices at the same time so they can confuse people they don’t know on an Internet forum.


Either way they’d really be playing the long game.


It’s really quite sneaky isn’t it?