The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @JohnRain/@mrjez/@Strewth...bringing their variety...wait, what variety...they're all the same person





Seeing Swoodley voting yes made me wanna vote no. So blame him. Sorry, it’s a No.


Take responsibility for your own actions wing lover :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



On da ropes.



That’s a No from me. Thanks LB, short and sweet set.

Is it @Strewth turn?


@Strewth @Strewth @Strewth @Strewth @Strewth!!


@Strewth or @JohnRain or @mrjez

Whichever you’re logged in as.

Let her rip!


You bastards!
Obviously yes.
Voting no to John Williams…whu…ho…I ju…

Screw you guys.


Yep. Let’s go @Strewth


I was truly torn…
On the one hand, it was an actual song. As opposed to a computer on autorun.
And it was a good tune, a pretty faithful run through one of Bach’s best.
On the other hand, it was just too much Dire Straits “look at me” for me. A bunch of middle-aged men who are exceptional players in their own right , but unexciting as a whole. And that truly ridiculous drum kit - “you just can’t have enough toms, maaaaannnn”.
A moot point, but it was no…


I’m gonna kick off with something thats already been talked about.


That’s the one I had in mind, but you already knew that, seeing as we are apparently the same person. Yes.

p.s. I think there is a Honeysmack vid (live on Recovery) floating around on YouTube.


Yeah with Voitek


Did you guys vote @Lifetime_ban out because you were bored of him or something? Wtf. Didn’t deserve that.

And first ball yes to Rainm…I mean Strewth


I’ll have it be known that I was one of two punters who voted yes for @Lifetime_ban last song. And FFS, I’m not @Strewth or @mrjez :crazy_face:


Fark no… more inclined to think strewth is klawdy…



Welcome to our new @Strewth overlord





Not off to a good start there Joh…I mean, strewth.



Wow…how clever the makers of this little ditty must be.

When do/did they finish preschool to be able to come up with such a fine piece of music?

If only they had used the acid in the title and applied it in heavy dosage to whatever equipment they used in the production.

Welcome to DJ King Strewth

Have a well earned NO!!!