The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @JohnRain/@mrjez/@Strewth...bringing their variety...wait, what variety...they're all the same person


oooooooh, 3-3.




Nice thread title, ya gronk @swoodley :wink:


I thought Strewth was Prelim…we need a detective to analyse and correlate the song choices.


Nah, I don’t reckon it is him, as @Paul_Peos would be at the top of his most liked list. :wink:

There is definitely a Jez correlation going on there, though.


Why have power if you don’t occasionally take the opportunity to (ab)use it :rofl:


Classic misdirection @JohnRainmrjezStrewth


Ha. Jez-san and I have both posted pics of ourselves in this thread, so we are clearly different individuals. As stated, he isn’t keen on phallic candy either. As for Strewth, he writes well, but still makes way too many grammatical errors to be me. :blush:


Cya in a week. :joy:


Pfft…as if that is any sort of proof

According to google…these are all pics of JohnRain




And I hate to break it you…but there are quite a few obituary pics of you as well


The Day of the Jackal is where I got the idea from. :wink:


But who are you…this is the conundrum we are facing in DJ King.

Is @JohnRain a real person?

Or is he part of some poor deluded individual suffering from multiple personality disorder?


Give me a sec and I’ll ask em. :grin:


This gets a YES but only because it has emboldened me to play my own silly loop based projects when I get a chance.




Epic takedowns coming up.


Excuse me @Strewth, @mrjez, @JohnRain (or whoever the hell you are)…you need to get 7 Yes votes before you post another track




I reckon that rook mistake pretty much shuts down your theory. :wink:


Ah come on…it’s a classic double bluff situation…trying to deflect from the truth

Which is you want the chance to play all your grubby little guilty pleasure tracks without them being ascribed to you :wink: