The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @JohnRain/@mrjez/@Strewth...bringing their variety...wait, what variety...they're all the same person




5 - 5


@strewth you are polarising.


@Strewth we are back to slow voting again


makes zipper noise


Where’s that farking snail gone?


I’m following the rules until someone explicitly says to spin again.


All seemed pretty predictable until that Rock DJ ending, another just Yes




Expedient yep



See, I really like Cheap Trick. Their run of albums from 1976 through to 1979 (Self-titled, In Colour, Heaven Tonight, At Budokan, Dream Police) are fantastic.

In the 80’s though, the genius ponytails at Epic thought it would be a good idea to start marketing them as “c ock-rock” i.e. fluff the hair, team them up with whatever songwriter/s and producers were vogue at the time, and smother their records with keyboards, drum machines, wailing back-up vocalists and cavernous reverb on the drums. They weren’t the first or last rock act to suffer that fate. They may have “shifted units” during that time (e.g. The Flame…BLEUUUUGGGHHHH… not even the band themselves like it…), but the results were pure and utter S H I T!!!

CT’s reputation took an absolute beating during that time, and they’ve never quite recovered from it (despite still managing to be a mighty live band).

Unfortunately this song reminds me uncomfortably of bad Cheap Trick (and horrid 80’s rock in general - it actually reminds me of that awful St Elmo’s Fire song) and I’m consequently forced to give it a NO.


I’m almost exactly of the same mind as above.



That’s pretty bad, but yes for the video


Cheesy as balls, but as a massive Transformers fan how could I possibly say no?



I knew there’d be at least one.




@BAAKKEERRRR was succinct as usual and summed this song up perfectly. yes


Of course…


Have a I love St. Elmo’s fire Yes