The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Kira with the all time super set of the millenium

Wimmera overdosed on the “good stuff” he got from Dank. Perhaps, that has something to do with his present condition? Although, we’re yet to find out what was in the “good stuff.” But, I think you could probably guess.

Absolute yes to Alice. Awesome freakin album too.


Yes: Rain, Hoffy, Decks, Swood, Strewth, LB


Gotta say @Kira, I am a touch worried. Am I still alive or did @wimmera1 actually eat my brains. I’m so conflicted right now.

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Radio Rain Plays the Sh-t Hits of SMJ
“And the dreaded KoK killer has struck again,” said SMJ, pausing before sharing the details to his party-safe audience across the nation. Click. SMJ heard the door to the studio open behind him. Annoyed he raised a hand, gesturing the intruder to be quiet until he finished his report. “This time the KoK killer’s victim was an underground musician—a banjo player. The KoK decapitated his victim, removed his brains, and then drew his infamous KoK crown symbol on the wall with the victim’s blood!” SMJ paused again for effect. “The informal party scene is a dangerous, drug-fueled cesspool of gang violence and psychopathy! So, if you’re going to party, make sure you Party-safe! Now back to the Party-safe stream with the classic Spin Doctor’s tune, Two Princes…” SMJ flicked the switch taking him offline. “Davo, never interrupt me while I’m—“

“Davo is indisposed. And by indisposed I mean garroted with a mic lead.”

SMJ froze. He knew that voice. SMJ stood up from his desk, put up his hands, and turned around slowly. “How did you find us, Rain? This is a top secret location.”

“Socks and Sandals laptop. So much good info in there. Actually, I sent a usb copy of the entire hard drive to a newspaper editor. There were a lot of secret Agency reports on very high profile people in there. I reckon he’ll expose the lot of them. And, once he’s done that, he’ll probably go after The Agency itself.”

“A single newspaper can’t bring us down—we’ll just discredit the paper and ‘disappear’ the editor,” said SMJ.

“I’ll make sure it won’t just be the media who gets dirt on the Agency,” said Rain.

“Since when did you become a do-gooder, Rain? What happened to the ruthless assassin I knew back at The Agency?”

“Maybe people can change?” said Rain.

“So you’re not going to kill me then?” said SMJ.

“Well, obviously I’m going to kill you. Change takes time,” said Rain, “But before I kill you I want to send a special message out to the party-safe listeners,” replied Rain, “I want to let them know what I think of the music they listen to!” SMJ’s forehead wrinkled with confusion. Rain smiled. “Turn on the microphone, hand it to me… and bend over."

The next episode is called: Unrequited Love and the Exodus of FAP


Ha. Cop that, @SMJ




Sorry @Lifetime_ban, it looks like you were eaten by a drug-induced, necrophilic zombie :frowning: However, perhaps it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Perhaps there’s still a way for you to keep living after death…

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Free yes

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But, but, but… who’s gonna keep track of all these underground songs?


Thanks. Is the story getting a bit boring, or you didn’t like the song?

Perhaps you need to “take control” of Wimmera’s body :slight_smile:

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Yes obviously

Ah E17, in their very early days they weren’t too bad. Yep


I admit that they are a guilty pleasure of mine :slight_smile:

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Everything is gunna be alright. :grin:

Check out the hat and dog. What’s not to like :slight_smile:


Hat is suspect, but the staffy is lovely. I used to crank East 17 in my car on the way to pick up my GF back in the day. Add me to the guilty pleasure crew. :laughing:

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Story is great, weird as, but plenty of lols.

That is genuinely the only song in your set so far that I probably would’ve no’d, even if only just.

Just thought I’d borrow your signature line

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Thanks, I thought the episode format might be getting a bit boring (or hard to follow) for some people.

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