The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @Kira with the all time super set of the millenium

Classic diversionary tactic has been exposed. Swoods is Deckham.

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Are you sure…maybe @Deckham is Swoods…yeah…think about that one :crazy_face:

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How can I be Deckham??? He talks much better than me.

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Do you wear Crocs?..@Deckham does…he even posted a pic of himself wearing them

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he’s a farkin bogan.


He also likes weird cat videos…do you like that sort of thing?

Can’t stand em.
Hang on… I love cats. They are so beautiful.

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I think we’re all coming down from Saturday’s high.

Yep, move it along now.

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Where’s @Zimmer these days?

Probably has a life.

Lucky fkr.

Too cold in Antarctica to type.

@Strewth probably needs a tag or 2.


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Do you think that @Strewth thinks this might be something we do to pass the time over the weekend?


Am I getting a free kick here, because of a lack on numbers?

You’ve got the required 7 Yes votes for your last song so we are all waiting for your next track

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You got 7 - spin er up

See how this one goes.

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That was alright…Yes