The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @mrjez...blaming the poor thread title for the lack of interest..maybe it's the music mrjez


New music, so I was excited to listen.

But what was that about being bland? Because I legitimately fell asleep during that song. The GF came in and yelled at me, that if I was going to subject her to crap music, I should at least be awake and listening to it.

A very dozy NO!!


So bland you killed the thread.


This, and no first spin sympathy vote no


If yr gonna play The Expression surely it has to be With Closed Eyes or Small Brave Land or Present Communication?

PS. Is MEO 245 or Little Heroes up next?


Filed next to Mondo Rock. That was baaaaaaaaaaaaad. NO


Thought I’d look them up. Having a groove along to Lady Love


I liked it go fark yourselves Yes.


Give Marching Feet a go. Liked em as a kid. Turns out the singer is a good friend’s step-uncle.




Broken heart montage scene from a C-grade eighties flick with occasional scenes of T&A. No



I’ve got Marching Feet on at work now @BAAKKEERRRR , pretty good compared to @swoodley’s dross.


Ah fark you all

I nominate @Paul_Peos


I really did spin, like 3 turns ago.

Surely there is somebody else who wants a spin. @mrjez? @BAAKKEERRRR?


I spun in February. Is it ok if I have a go?





Very yes


@swoodley is dead? :frowning:

Edit. yes for the new song.


Very cool.


Not really something I would listen to again, but have a first spin Yes anyway