The reigning DJ King (Mk VII) is - @mrjez...blaming the poor thread title for the lack of interest..maybe it's the music mrjez




I’d intended to play this at night, so you can lie down in the dark with headphones on and fall asleep to dreams of running for your life in the jungle. But the set needs a genre shift right now, more punk songs probably wouldn’t see me last much longer. Then again, how will you react to 10 minutes worth of vines and mud and noises in the shadows?
The b-side of this 12” is also killer, making it one of my absolute fave slabs of vinyl.


That’s awful but I just got a call to come in and sign up for the new job. YES


Professor Hambo!


That’s awful and I haven’t had a call to come in and sign up for a new job.
I hate my job. NO.



Congrats on the job @hambo


Fantastic. It’s very rare for me to hear tracks I actually really love in here. This is the kind of thing I listen a lot to, and is easily my favourite track from everything you have ever played.



Deckham! (clap clap clap)
Deckham! (clap clap clap)


I’d love to hear some other artists or stuff like this if you have any recommendations. I only know early 80s post-punk type stuff in this vein.


Look up a band called Ozric Tentacles - music described as ‘a diverse range of genres, including psychedelic rock, progressive rock, space rock, jazz fusion, electronic music, dub music, world music, and ambient music.’






Cheers, I’ll check them out, I think I’ve heard the name.




Full on, but yes


Sounded like the intro to Homeland for a large part.

Gee, it went on a bit, but I did like it.



I listened to this with great expectation after seeing how much @Deckham liked it as he and I often like the same stuff.

I should have listened to it with low expectations after seeing @BAAKKEERRRR’s comment.

@BAAKKEERRRR was right.

It was awful…No


One of my favourite bands. Great female bass player, too.