The reigning DJ King (Mk VIII) is us all a Mafia warning with his first song

Ah. A whole prequel series. I get it.

yes to Missing

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Great track. Big yes.

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The synthy goodness got it over the line. YES

that’s 7 @kira

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PP2 and the Wees and Poos Interrogation
“Sure I had some fun in my twenties. But, I’m all suits, ties, and meetings nowadays! I don’t have time to go to underground parties or do drugs. I’m innocent. The newspaper reports are a lie!” said the minister for home affairs. He squinted at the bright light of the interrogation room.

“Innocent? So this isn’t a video of you taking ecstasy and dancing with two hookers at a recent underground party?” said task force officer Barnz. He showed his iphone screen to PP2. “And this isn’t you snorting coke off sergeant Paul Peos’ naked body later that evening while listening to the illegal song ‘Drugs,’ by Ammonia?”

The minister’s eyes opened wide. He tried to speak but no words came out.

Officer Barnz smiled, “We have sixty-nine other videos linking you directly to underground parties, contraband music, copious drug use, and distribution.” He could smell the minister’s involuntary defecation and see a urine puddle slowly starting to form at the minister’s feet.

“That’s why the other politicians call you PP2, isn’t it?” said Barnz, “You always preface your lies with a couple of truthful “preliminary points”—it helps you sell the lies.”

PP2 exhaled and slumped in the chair. “Yes, I learned how to do it when I started campaigning for office,” said PP2. He slumped in the chair. “What are you going to do to me? I don’t have rights anymore, do I? The legislation I introduced to parliament probably makes me a terrorist, doesn’t it?” He started crying, like a Hawthorn supporter in ‘84 and ‘85.

“Yes, you’re a terrorist and you’ll probably be jailed for the rest of your life. Unless…”

“Unless what? I’ll do anything!” said PP2. Barnz walked across to the other side of the room and disconnected the surveillance camera.

“I don’t actually work for this task-force and my name isn’t Barnz. I work in Intelligence—my codename is Kj-11. And perhaps your ability to lie could be put to good use. The Agency I work for needs somebody to infiltrate the underground resistance. We want to build a secret group within the underground DJ network.”

“You mean like a cabal? How would I infiltrate their organisation? Why would they even accept me?”

“Don’t you worry about that. I have a plan. But first, let’s get you out of here…” Kj-11 took off his uniform and handed it to PP2. (He was left wearing a Hootie and the Blowfish t-shirt and Wheatus underwear.) “Put the uniform on. Take my gun. And do exactly what I say…”

The next episode is called: The Zazen KoK versus the rhyme Queen Killer



The alignment between your story & songs is fantastic.



Ha, yes the Hawthorn imagery in this episode is deliberate (wees, poos, drug rumours, 84/85 b-tt hurt) :slight_smile:

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The interweaving of the storyline with the regular goings on in here are brilliant :rofl:


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Furk it, have another yes

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I’m kinda like a snitch, I’m going to end up in a ditch, aren’t I? :slightly_frowning_face:


@JohnRain where did you track down The Warriors? I got mine for Xmas in the mid 80s, might give it another airing tomorrow.


Ordered it yesterday & it arrived today (Japan seller). Used, but in a VG condition.

And boy am I glad that I bought it. A fantastic soundtrack. Enjoy tomoz.


Yes: Rain, Swoods, Jez, LB, Kj


Apologies, but I’ll be off to bed shortly.

Yes. Just caught up on todays chapters…fantastic stuff…


Snitches get stitches…


Braaaaaaaaaiiii…I mean, yes.
Love this song.

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The Zazen KoK versus the rhyme Queen Killer
After a long frustrating day, Queen went up to the rooftop of task-force headquarters to try and clear his head. Earlier, he was supposed to have questioned three politicians with possible drug gang connections, but, somehow they ‘escaped’ from their confinement cells. Kira knew it had to be an inside job, but he didn’t know who was behind it or why. And he was pretty sure this wasn’t the first act of interference in his investigation.

“We need to talk,” said Rain, emerging from behind an air conditioning vent, pointing his weapon at the head of Major Queen.

“With a terrorist? No thanks. I’d rather—“ Kira staggered and appeared disoriented for a moment. He raised his head and glared at Rain with a possessed look in his eyes and chanted a single lyric: “Surrender! Like a Fark Carlton defender.”

Rain laughed. “Ha! You think a one-line rhyme will get me to… WTF?” Both Rain’s hands shot up above his head involuntarily. Quickly, Kira darted forward and switch-kicked Rain to the ribs—muay-thai-style.

Rain shoulder-rolled sideways with the kick and rose to his feet with his weapon still pointed at Queen’s head.

“I’ll shoot if I have to, but I don’t want to fight—I’m here to talk” said Rain.

“Talk, not fight?” Once again, Kira appeared disoriented. He staggered and shook his head. When he regained his composure and looked at Rain he had lost the possessed look in his eyes. “What do you want to talk about?”

“What if I could prove to you that there are no gangs, and no drug distribution networks associated with the underground music scene?”

“I’d be impressed, because I have police and agency intel that clearly—“

“Your ‘intel’ has been fabricated?” Rain tossed a usb stick to Queen. “Recordings of discussions I’ve had with a high-level intelligence interrogator and a mid-level propagandist from The Agency, along with copies of their hard drives… and additional communications I’ve attained showing extensive fabrication of evidence within the police department, and ongoing political interference from leading government politicians.”

Queen looked shocked, but quickly regained his composure. “I will look at this closely. You have my word,” said Queen.

Rain nodded, and gave Queen a bottle of Hibiki 17. “The conspiracy runs deep. Trust nobody. The Agency will kill you if they think you might compromise their agenda. If you need to get out in a hurry, call the number hidden on the bottom of the whiskey bottle,” said Rain. He turned and left, leaving Queen deeply troubled.

Queen sat for a long time, then sighed. He knew what he had to do to get to the bottom of this: he had to start investigating his own government and it’s intelligence organisation, The Agency.

The next episode is called: Baker Goes Ape and the Betrayal of Fat Vlad


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