The reigning DJ King (Mk VIII) is - Finding the Worst Ever Song Played On DJ King @Davo is spinning but he's not responsible for just how bad some of these songs are


That’d be like going to a fabulous 3 star Michelin restaurant for dinner then getting a 50c cone from Macca’s for dessert…


All hail the MODJ (Master of DJ’s) for a truly incredible feat. 31 songs (of which 10 were of his own composition) and not a single no vote. A compendium of musical mastery that shall almost certainly never be equalled.


Ha. That’s actually not bad, Azza.

I’m sure you will feature more prominently in a future series.



Life goals!


OP has been updated @JohnRain (before you give me grief for being behind the times) :nerd_face:


I think @Diggers should send a slab of @Kira ‘s fav apple cider to him as a reward for that set. Thoughts?


1 Prologue—Underneath the Radar, Underworld

2 Thunderpussy & the Crazy Torpedo punt—Soft p.orn on a hard drive, Original

3 Choppsuey & the Blood of the Sabbath—Paranoid, Black Sabbath

4 Unnecessary Force & the Frosty FAP—Berserker, Original

5 Sergeant Peos & the Privately Seething Super—Blaze your love, Original

6 The Keytar Skater & the Slayer of Groove—Bust a move, Young MC

7 Fake News & the Arousal of KoK—I am Legion, Original

8 Mr Jez & the Yossarian Splooge—London Calling, The Clash

9 Senator Snark & the Preliminary Points of Freedom—I got the power, Snap!

10 The Baker of Justice & the Paparazzi Voyeur—Mr Vain, Culture Beat

11 The Sandaled Shrink & the Killer MC—Dreams, Cranberries

12 Digger’s Riding Dirty & the Number of the Beast—Ridin’ Dirty, Chamillionaire

13 D*ckless Dell & the Keytarist Resurrection—Good Bloke gone bad, Original

14 Senator Wimmera & the Funky Cold Medina—Funky Cold Medina, Tone Loc

15 The Sandaled Spy & the Deep State Conspiracy—Dream Police, Cheap Trick

16 Black-leathered Gimp & the Chocolate Smearing—Blood and S.punk, Regurgitator

17 Astral W-nking & the Baker-Vlad Covenant—Astral W-nking, Original

18 KoK-envy & the New Amsterdam Armistice—Invaders must die, Prodigy

19 Best Bros & the Zombie Feasting—Cold Ethyl, Alice Cooper

20 Radio Rain plays the Sh-t Hits of SMJ—Let it Rain, East 17

21 Unrequited love & the Exodus of FAP—Missing, Everything but the girl

22 PP2 & the Wees and Poos Interrogation—Drugs, Ammonia

23 The Zazen KoK versus the Rhyme Queen Killer—Splooge that guy, Original

24 Baker Goes Ape & the Betrayal of Fat Vlad—Wanna-be KoK, Original

25 Drug-addled Klawdy & the Swoodley of Binge—Swoodley, Rudely & Crudely, Original

26 Decks Pecs & the Good Bloke Cyborg—C-m Zombie, Original

27 McDank & the Zombie Meal Feast—Zombie B-stards, Weezer

28 Fark the Police & the Frosted Blunt—Fark the Police, NWA

29 Baker Goes Bang & the Changing of Everything—Shot me down, David Guetta

30 Lonely Hambo & the Politics of Choke—Do it all the time, I don’t know how but they found me

31 Excalibur & the DJ Kings of the Round Table—Essendon Theme Song


Is that all?


Set needed some Boy George as it happens.


Ha ha! I’ll fix it :slight_smile:


Great stuff @Kira. I’m going to read it all straight through without distractions. Quick question. Am I a good bloke again? Surely the whole brokering of the peace gets me some good bloke credits right? Right?


Ha ha! Yes, you have regained your trademark “good bloke” status :slight_smile:


Fixed and thanks, can’t believe I forgot to add the last song and not surprising I missed one more out that many ■■■■■■ songs.


thank you for the music thank you for the stories!




Outstanding effort by Kira to manage all that over a weekend, which is traditionally the DJK flatspot…
I urge anyone who hasn’t done so to read the story from front-to-back in one sitting - even without the songs it stands up and is hugely entertaining… :slight_smile:


I don’t dismiss ABBA outright - the tunes were often well-written/arranged and the girls sang beautifully together. This one though is, and always has been, a stinker…

It’s a no from me.


Yeah, not into ABBA in the slightest, but have a first spin Yes anyway.


Thanks for stepping up HOGALF. Although, I think Dancing Queen (of Queens) would’ve captured the zeitgeist a little better :wink:



Have a first ball yes.