The reigning DJ King (Mk VIII) is - Finding the Worst Ever Song Played On DJ King @Davo is spinning but he's not responsible for just how bad some of these songs are


Abba are a talented bunch with a ringing Partridge endorsement. Do I like that? I do, I do, I do! Yes


Was it actually meant to be a spin? I thought Hoges just did the pre-Kira set?


Hep again?

surely he’s just thanking Kira for resuscitating the DJ King thread


That was my take on it


I was making the joke with my vote.


Ahhhh I see. I just saw the vote and went with it. Should’ve had a better look.


Oh. My bad.

So the throne is still empty. Any takers?


Epic effort from @Kira there. Some had played their own music before, some had set narratives to songs, but who had written their own musical for the benefit of this thread? I mentioned earlier the similarities to the Scene That Celebrates Itself, though I had not expected that much Self-Celebrating. Given you say it is an origins story, there are so many other developments we can imagine. Why did that mysterious DJ finish his set right on twelve? Is he really down down? I dips me lid.


I’m bored. Can do. Should be pretty easy after your effort @kira. :astonished:


Ha! We definitely need some tunes in here.

What have you got for us?


I have a minor issue with this song because a one way ticket to hell and back is obviously a return ticket.



Ha! I spun their hit “I believe in a thing called love.” I used to train with a dude who would sometimes play the Darkness before he attempted a dead lift PB. And if he nailed the lift he’d put on a plastic Viking helmet and strut around the gym. He was a very funny dude—went on to become a state pro-wrestling champion :slight_smile:



The Darkness have a natty way with a tune, but I find I like their stuff far more if I don’t have to watch the videos. They’re way better when the vocalist eschews the histrionics too.


Pretty much.

Video was pants but was a decent enough song.



It’s a yes from me.


never took to The Darkness except for that one song



Always liked them.


So I leave you folks alone for a couple of months and you decide to make a concept album?


Yep to song and yep to @Kay_Eff_See


Let’s make it 7-1 @Klawdy and give us another song yes