The reigning DJ King (Mk VIII) is - Finding the Worst Ever Song Played On DJ King @Davo is spinning but he's not responsible for just how bad some of these songs are


Have a been absent from the chat for a while Free Yes.

Spin again @Klawdy.

As for catch up @Kira that is one amazing effort you put in there in terms of planning, preparation and execution. Kudos to you, especially putting yourself out there in terms of your own raps. Should be damn proud of yourself.
I’m glad to see my fellow DJs showed you the real time love it deserved.



Is this from a soundtrack to a superman movie or something?

free yes.


Not that I know of. But it does sound like that.


Going in that had all the hallmarks of being a stinker (being a “feat” track and all…)
As it turns out, it wasn’t bad. I particularly liked the atmospheric first 2-and-a-half minutes, and even the bits thereafter didn’t manage to kill it.
It was sort of a modern movie soundtrack kinda thing (e.g. an orchestral track when you can’t afford an orchestra).
Yes and colour me surprised…


Not feeling it. NAH


Was a bit meh and lacking in high-pitched male voices, but have a Yes










I think everyone is burnt out from the weekend.


I thought I had forgotten to press ‘skip ad’ on YouTube.

Nope. And as for featuring ‘Nash’ I would say he added fuckall.


Yeah I wondered myself exactly what Nash’s contribution was. Presumably he hit “enter” at some point…




Agree on the movie soundtrack vibe. Very 80’s.

Was like a cross between superman, rocky IV & terminator all rolled into one. I like all three of those movies.

I liked it, yes


Yes: Kira, Baker, Deck, LB, Davo, Kj
No: Azza, Swood, AVS, Hambo,




I think it was KoK or Hambo (?) who suggested a time limit for songs (because it’s not fun for DJs to wait around for hours). I’m not sure what time limit they suggested, but, 8 hours seems reasonable to me. That might be too long or too short, not sure.

At any rate, maybe we could we trial that? That is, if a song is constipated for 8 hours, an enema is applied, the song gets flushed into the DJ Canon, and the DJ can spin their next tune.

What do DJs think?


I’m well and truly on board.