The reigning DJ King (Mk VIII) is - Finding the Worst Ever Song Played On DJ King @Davo is spinning but he's not responsible for just how bad some of these songs are


It’s Baakkeerrrr x Anger I’ll have you know!


Look it ain’t right, but @BAAKKEERRRR ain’t wrong.

Big, fat NO


I’m out of likes but that gets one.


Hmmm…@BAAKKEERRRR’s reaction was very strong…maybe a tad too strong

But his vote was spot on

Fark the funk…NO!!!


Free yes


Been busy all day. I’m in a generous frame of mind. Have a free yes.




stinker, total stinker!



I think it’s 6-4 which included @Deckham as a yes and @hambo as a no.


As I am the official historian of DJ King, I thought I’d occasionally share some important milestones in DJ King history. And given that @Klawdy’s set is constipated, now is a good time to share my first batch (sources were DJ King I and the DJ song list):

#1 Diggers invents DJ King.

#40 Diggers is DJ King 01: two song set. Killed by MrJez.

#68 Wimmera plays first 10-0 song: Hot Chocolate, Everyone’s a winner.

#83 Mr Jez invents 10-1 voting system.

#88 Deckham invents editing thread title to include the current DJ.

#207 Wimmera is DJ King 02: six song set. Killed by PP2.

#377 Wimmera invents adjectival vote clarification (“soft” yes).

#392 Two Princes was played by SMJ: scorn ensued.

#723 Kay-Eff-See invents the “first ball” vote.

#811 Mr Jez wins first DJ King tied 9-9 vote.

#851 Mr Jez is DJ King 03: six song set. Killed by Barnz.

#853 Mr Jez first to show resentment at dethronement (and nominates his harshest critic during set).

#1025 BLTN first delusional DJ King: “Starting to get a good feel for what people like in here” (voted out immediately).

#1046 BLTN is DJ King 04: six song set. Killed by Klawdy


Alright, that wasn’t the worst song I have heard on here, but it is nowhere near the best either. A moderate yes just to get ■■■■ moving.


Yes to Kira’s glorious OCD.








That reminds me I have a list of all the ■■■■ songs to play at some point so we can all point and laugh


Ha! I’m pretty sure I’m on that list :slight_smile: Perhaps we should turn it into an event, somehow (maybe like Blonde DJ, but for sh-t songs played in the thread, e.g., “Dump DJ”)? Not sure. Anyway, it’s your bag. I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Free yes for Klawdy’s song.




Was gonna play some Ben Harper last set. Have a YES