The reigning DJ King (Mk VIII) is - Finding the Worst Ever Song Played On DJ King @Davo is spinning but he's not responsible for just how bad some of these songs are


Yes…how can there only be one episode to go…howwwwwwwwwww can it beeeeeeeeeeeeeee???


I enjoyed that, yep






Butvits a Shane that WOB wasn’t here for this.



Yes: Hoffy, Rain, Swoodley, Kj, Deck, Klawdy


Ha! I’m nervous AF. Really want to nail the landing.




Excalibur and the DJ Kings of the Round Table
“I’d like to welcome everyone here tonight—Westside and Eastside; media, police, and politicians; military, judiciary, and deep-state,” said Diggers. “And special thanks to Hambo for organising the meeting.” Diggers was seated at a large, round makeshift table in ‘Club Camelot’—the abandoned garage and underground party venue where Choppsuey was murdered. He was sitting next to Crazy, who had found the football he’d previously kicked through the window, and was rotating it while looking around the table. “It’s time to put aside any old grievances, to move on from the past, to join together and fight these unjust music laws and those upholding them,” said Diggers.

Sergeant Peos banged the table with his fist. “You were blackmailing us a month ago and now you want me to ‘put aside old grievances?’” Hoffy put her hand on Peos’ arm and Frosty gestured to his Sergeant to calm down.

“And who’s going to lead us? A blunt-smoking DJ?” said judge Baker eyeing Diggers suspiciously. Both Wimmera and Anastasious had similar expressions of doubt on their faces.

Diggers took a long toke from his blunt, held it in for a five-count, then exhaled towards Baker. “No. I’m the first to admit that I’m STUUUUUUUUUUUPID,” replied Diggers. He nodded at Rain, who stood up and looked around the table.

“I’m ex-Agency. I will lead all tactical operations going forward.” Rain looked and gestured at Queen. There was an empty chair between them.

Queen stood up. “I assume you all know I was leading the joint police-military task force, until Rain helped me to… see the light. I’ll provide strategic support for Rain in the field.”

“Thanks, Rain and Queen. Using a football metaphor, your skill-sets make both of you the obvious and best choices for on-field leadership,” said Diggers. “But, we also need off-field leadership, a coach, somebody who can develop a long term plan, somebody who won’t lose sight of the big picture, somebody who commands respect and inspires loyalty!”

“Ha! And where are we going to find a coach like that?” said Swoodley. Klawdy slapped him in the back of the head for interrupting (but it was clear from his face that Klawdy was also sceptical).

PP2 stood up, straightened his tie, and brushed down his expensive suit. “Let me just make two preliminary points before I put forward myself as a potential candidate for the coaching position—”

“Sit the fark down!” said Crazy, “if you were an aspiring football coach, you’d be Sam farking Mitchell!”

“He was a premiership play—”

“He was a carnt! And I will not be coached by a carnt!” said Crazy.

“Word!” said Mr Jez, Deckham, and Yossarian in unison. Hambo pulled PP2 back down into his seat.

Diggers turned towards the garage entrance and nodded to Zimmer and Robin to unbar the door. “I present to you our new coach, codenamed ‘Excalibur.’’

The door opened and a man walked to the head of the table and sat down in between Rain and Queen. Crazy hand-balled the man the footy, who caught it and put it on the table in front of him. The man was dressed in non-descript black training gear with a small blood-red Les Paul emblazoned on the lapel of his jacket. He tossed his luxurious golden locks of hair away from his face, scratched his dimpled chin, and smiled at everybody. “I declare the first official meeting of the DJ Kings open…"



Brilliant finish (although if @Klawdy does that again…)

This would have to be the pinnacle of pinnacles for DJ King and I for one Sir, salute you.

A brilliant, fantastic, magnificent concept brought to a superb conclusion.

Have one final YES and my final statement


Simply stunning @Kira.

An appropriate ending (or just the ending to this part).



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Anyway, they all vote yes.



How much time to you think you’ve invested in this? It would be substantial by my estimate.

*slaps @swoodley one more time for good measure.




Great work @Kira





Outstanding conclusion. Gargantuan yes.


A phenomenal effort!



And no-one promised they had a special set coming ever, ever again.


And @mrjez I was just about to post that exact same gif, got distracted for a second and you beat me to it, lol


Nice work @Kira