The reigning DJ King (Mk X) is @Chris_1993...New Blood...what's he gonna bring to the booth?

You have all the votes?

Nope, but just as good.

Peos exposes himself to monkeys??

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We had to let the monkeys go?

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Crazy selected his song!

Anyone stumbling in here is gunna wonder what language we are using. Planet of the Apes sheet going on ATM.

You won tatts?

Yep. Got the whole batch.

First impressions?

Better or worse than the first batch?

Now what?

Time to pour another gin.



I can post em all and you “toppies” can start listening.

I’m gonna send you my votes Jez, but good grief if I could give them all -5 votes I would.


Puttem up buttercup

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Clearly the contenders are better than the champs.

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If you’re suggesting we should automatically eliminate the top 11 group for putting up such rubbish, then I agree!

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Given it’s only first place through, be interesting to see the selections. Safe won’t cut it,

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I’m hoping my song is the one you chose.

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