The reigning DJ King (Mk X) is @nobody because "BLONDE IS HERE" courtesy of @Paul_Peos

I know you’ve obviously put stuff up here @Kira, but I reckon it’s time for a thread for Blitzers to put their own compositions up…


And yes

Hahahaha this would end badly for me and my various joke bands and the punk/metal/hardcore bands I’ve played in.


I could contribute a bit to a thread like that. I’m working on a music/comicbook project this year. Another DJ is helping me, so I’d need to talk to him first, but I could probably post the preliminary drafts as I finish them. But, I’m just a bit too busy ATM.

Anyway, unless somebody else jumps in beforehand, I’m happy to start an “original music/art” thread in about a month. Maybe that might give some shy musicians/artists in here some time to write/record something that they’re prepared to post… like you for instance :wink:


There’s plenty of ■■■■ I could post (that I’m not especially happy with or proud of…), but I do have a couple I’m OK with (one in particular which has somewhat Bombers related lyrics…)


Well whaddaya know @Kira - turns out there is already a MyMusic thread…

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I think that’s a thread for his own music. He might not appreciate us taking it over, polluting it with our tunes, and making it DJ King salty-compliant :wink:

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Ah fair enough… I’ll leave it be then, and set-up a general all-purpose thread. There’s sure to be plenty of home-based musos on Blitz to subject themselves to scrutiny, if they’re game…

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The dinky keyboard replication (using “Popcorn” setting…) of Dave Gilmour’s original guitar solos amused me.
So yes


Go for it

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Was going to play a live version of this. So big Yes.

And a belated godbless for the sunnyboys.

Yep to mr floppy

I think I’m missing something. That was horrible. Yes.


It’s the dude I played in Poontang with. He has a remarkably good falsetto compared to his terrrible bogan screamy voice.

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Just a YES

Ha! That makes more sense :slight_smile:

Weird! Wired! Whacky!


I would have voted no to this travesty of a Kate Bush send up, heretics.


By the way, congrats to @hambo for being the first (I think) to get and actual album voted through with Gnome. Must also be close to the longest spin as well.