The reigning DJ King (Mk X) is @nobody because "BLONDE IS HERE" courtesy of @Paul_Peos

That’s a bit mean Swoodley.

I hope if you had your time again, you’d find a kinder way to communicate your feelings.

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I used an asterisk and everything.

What more do you want?


Triple question marks is very aggressive Swoods.

You need to cool your jets.

Cool my jets? ? ? ? ? ?


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Now that Swoodley’s micro aggressions have made me feel uncomfortable, it’s probably a good time for me to retire for the evening.

We’ll do reveals in the morning.

Cheers gang.


You were just looking for a reason to go to bed.

Stop blaming me for your inability to stay up whilst the thread continues to roll.

(sleep well)

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I thought so chuckling to myself randomly. It’s an excellent community service whilst also being great fun.

Not even a graph, more of a chart. FINESSE!

Just send one of these to PP

Let the good threads roll!


5 Dead Kennedys
4 Kvelertak
3 Sonic Middle Age
2 Dance My Darling



I’ve created the new thread as this one might be full by the time I wake up in the morning.

As tempting as it is to ■■■■ post 150 times…


5 Dk
4 Hilltop Hoods
3 Ella
1 Bombay

Is that the close of the voting?

Best I get myself sorted for a wildcard song.

The 3 in a row rule makes it difficult.

We could take it in turns?

Sounds good.

You working from home?

Wait. Do people on here actually know each other in the real world?

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