The Reigning Dj King (Mk XIII) is @Klawdy...finally playing Korn, the music he's always wanted to but was too scared that his EDM mates would disown him

To keep the whole thing from falling into 30 x 20 min songs, maybe for the last round it could be


Or not. Swoodley, totally up to you and I respect any decision you make.

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Double donut is still zero though

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Maybe a 20s bonus round?

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Favourite Baroque chamber piece.

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The ‘20s would’ve sucked more ■■■ than the 2000s. Maybe you could get cocaine and heroin from the GP, I dunno, but no booze!

Does the title “Dopesmoker” mean anything to you?

But you could still get booze.

They just pretended you couldn’t.

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Not to me, though I spent a couple of weeks in Amsterdam. Mostly holed up in a hostel unable to speak or move.

I don’t know how people do it.

Then I headed to Prague, where beer is plentiful and cheap.

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Dopesmoker is a 54 minute song by a Stoner Rock band called Sleep frim 2003, i think (so no good for this round). Its considered quite an achievement amongst enthusiasts within the genre (which I am), and would fit your request of long fuzzed up psych jam.


Ok, perfect. Will definitely listen to it.

Longest track I thinking purposefully listen to is Tab by Monster Magnet.

If you have another 29 similar lengths tracks. @Paul_Peos will ■■■■ the bed!

Who’s votes are we waiting on?


Just in case my votes got lost in the thread space continuum @swoodley

5 The Presets - Are you the one
4 Daft Punk - Something about us
3 The Flaming Lips - Do you realise
2 Fountains of Wayne - Bright season in sales
1 Lilly Allen - The fear

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Oh I have many. Im quite the Stoner Rock fan. I even got the battle vest to prove it!

Stoner Rock: The longer, the weirder, the fuzzier the better.


Love it…show us the back…



Oh FK, I forgot to play King Gizzard

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Shhhh…I think they have a new(ish) album out…

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