The Reigning Dj King (Mk XIII) is's Blonde DJ Time again with @mrjez being at his divisive best (Part 1)

And Peos wants

…to just once…

I tried combining two words… I feel good/feel good inc, God save the Queen/the Queen is Dead, Children of the Revolution/the Revolution will not be televised… but in the end just kept it simple and went for songs I liked

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Those songs wouldn’t have met the criteria


I kinda made sense though, I remember trying that way back when you told us about it and could only create absolute mess.

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New thread is created (for when this one closes)


I just went through Music on my iMac, found a song I wanted to spin, word searched both the first and last words and checked if anything good appeared.

I narrowed it down to a few I really wanted to try, then locked one in.

Sounds dodgy

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Can we get a bit of recognition for @hambo playing his own awesome track?


Why didn’t we just do that already and why are we still here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Such an existential question…if only we had enough posts left in this thread to answer

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Looks like plenty of room still, go ahead and try.

Absolutely. I wondered how many were gonna pick that up.

To answer such a question in the manner it deserves involves far more time than this thread had left

Just some appropriate words to suit the mood of today…

Edit: The right one this time.

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Oh when will this thread end

Let us move on and turn over a new leaf in the next one

good idea

Get ready for the crash


I cannot let go till this thread is dead

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