The Reigning Dj King (Mk XIV) is currently resting whilst Blonde DJ takes Centre Stage

The other thing with modern music. You have to be searchable to maximise your exposure. Perhaps the “feat” is really just a way of dealing with SEO when multiple artists are involved.

If musicians need to “feature” others, they’re probably not that good.

It just comes from hip-hop, doesn’t it? 90s hip-hop had a lot of guesting of upcoming rappers from a known act’s crew - they’d handle a verse and it’s be a way to expose them.
Then hip-hop bled into modern R&B and other styles and the same guesting culture continues to make the songs work.

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5 - 3
With no featured artist votes.
Could be a future blonde round…

Yes from me. Pretty pedestrian stuff, they need the songwriting and vocal chops of the front men from the acts they’ve been in, GBV and Decemberists.


yes for the video

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Dear DJK,

I have a problem. Ms frosty Jr seems to have gone off the rails. Previously she has shown a love for such DJK approved music as Led Zeppelin or AC/DC.

Today I found her listening to something that I think warrants an intervention. Something so horrible, that Bakes might even suggest throwing her out of home.

“What’s that you’re listening to?”

“Cat Empire”…as the horns blare out.

What am I to do?


get her a GWS membership


Take away all her IT privileges and devices.

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Buy her some Cat Power and Rebecca’s Empire, claiming you thought that’s what she was into.


Well, they did write the 2nd best AFL theme tune (GWS’s), so there is that…
I guess… :frowning:

Look at it this way… could be worse, she could be listening to Coldplay.
Or Tones & I.
Or Crazy Town.


Take her to the night cat and dance to some Latin infused grooves.

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She was suitably impressed when informed they wrote the Big Big Sound…

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Ha. We already have plenty of that …(to the surprise of nobody here…)

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That’s a fair point.

Is the night cat still a thing?

Don’t know. I went there once with a mate. We lasted 5 minutes. The sheer pretentiousness of the place was thick in the air and the music absolutely sucked arse. We legged it to the Perserverence, back in the days when that was still a semi-proper pub, not the borderline hairdressing salon it turned into.

Hahahah…That was probably about the last time I’d been there. (And also about the last time I was at the Pers… although I think I have significantly more stories from the Pers than the Night Cat)

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