The Reigning Dj King (Mk XV) is...Today's Birthday Boy (5th July) @Azza78 so come ina nd wish him a happy birthday and vote for the song

No-one cares about my birthday.
No, because I want to be cool like the others.

You clearly peaked with my birthday song.

This latest effort is somewhat lacking in good stuff.


PS: Happy birthday Jez

Maroon 5, Matchbox20 and now we bring you Stroke 9. Same middle of the road uninspired BS. You have read your audience well Azza, I honour your Hara Kiri. Die ■■■■■■ die. NO


Wow… that is HARSH on Stroke 9.
I mean, it was incredibly mediocre… but it wasn’t that level of bad…

Redundant nyet

  • think you killed him bakes. You meanie
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also Stroke mine are fucken awful

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Stroke 9.

In a row?

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I was going to give this a belated Yes for the Lols, but then I listened to it…

What was with that pointless little garbage falsetto he chucked in for no reason?

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Thank you folks.


Tell you what, whoever recommended Kikagaku Moyo in the last DJ king, is that album getting a workout since. Great stuff.


Did you nominate your successor @Azza78

As DJ you have 2 jobs. Play awesome tracks for as long as you can, then nominate your successor.

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So none out of 2 so far?


Well for that smart arse comment you can ■■■■■■■ spin, @Klawdy


Wheres the fucken bangers @Klawdy

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I’m here for a good time. Not a long time.

You don’t get away that easily, have a First ball yes.

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Can you dance like that?

Because if you can, you look like a douchebag.

(Are we back to dunking on people?)


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Nah I can’t. Klawdy Jnr can though. I’ll let him know your thoughts.

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Look… as ■■■■ as that was, the NO is not for it being techno… it’s for clearly using a saxophone preset on their Casio keyboards. An actual saxophone would’ve been bad enough, but to go out there and purposely use an emulation of a saxophone??? I mean, WTAF??? Who are you, David farking Guetta???

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We don’t need to hear about your sexual prowess, or lack thereof…

First ball YES