The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


That was nice, maybe/mainly cause it still qualifies as a morning song, just!


10-zip and time to spin.


Change up in speed and volume.

This is from my favourite Black Sabbath album


FKG classic, nearly favourite song by them. Emphatic yes.


Not my favourite Sabbath song. But, YES.


Not a fan


That was probably my favourite BS song. First one I could sit through all the way to the end.



I have only a passing knowledge of Sabbath’s work. Familiar with the obvious ones (Paranoid, Iron Man etc.), but not much beyond.
This is decent, but the sticking point for me has always been Ozzy’s shrill, relatively weak voice. It’s not really a commanding presence here (something which I’m sure is compensated for live by his stage persona).
A yes for the music.


Yes absolutely










Is it me or is the quality of the song all over the shop? It’s pumping and breathing to no end.



You might like Sabbath when Dio fronted for them. His voice was like a velvet sledgehammer :slight_smile:


Should I play some Rainbow next :wink:


You saying Matty Lloyd was a Holy Diver?


What was the production like during that time though? Did they succumb to that 80’s sheen (reverbed/gated drums, lashings of keyboards) that became de rigeur as a result of disco and then the advent of hairdryer-metal, or did they stay relatively unscathed?

What about the songs themselves? During the first phase of the Ozzy years the songs themselves seem to have been decent enough it was more that, for me, his voice let them down. How did Dio & Iommi go as a songwriting team? Best Dio-led place to start?


A yes because you’re one of the few actual boomers that have stuck around in the dj king thread.


Yes to Tony Iommi
Yes to Sabbath!



Of course Yes.