The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT




Haha…I have one song that I’d love to play that goes over 13 minutes…that will only ever get a run if I want to commit DJ suicide :wink:


The RRR show is Respect the Rock with Nicole Tadpole. I never knew that was a Black Sabbath song.


Ha - I love that others have a pre-planned DJ suicide tune. Mine’s a hairdryer-metal track. Although I’m beginning to suspect it might actually get up…


Mine’s eleven minutes, but I ripped a calf muscle dancing to it once.


It’s not. It’s a Dio song.





Thanks, my metal knowledge is fairly limited.


Well, that’s just the one that people might listen to.
I’d love to play “Driftin’ Back” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse but, at 27:36, even I feel that would be a bit over indulgent


Jesus! That’s longer than the whole Ramones debut album… Just shorter than Weezer’s Green Album…


Cortez the killer is on my list. Haven’t found a way to fit it in yet.


It’s so weird - I was listening to a very long track on my way to work this morning and was wondering how long a track you could get away with in the DJ thread.I think the answer is probably the same as for most song - timing and context win. Still don’t think the track I was listening to would make it through.

I miss the days when I listened to music and didn’t think about the Dj thread. @Diggers is stupid.




Mine didn’t :slight_smile:


Big yes for the track.


Please tell me you’re talking about that MO tune.


haha…Not, it was ‘Mysteria’ - Edguy.


Either did all of mine. :wink:


Yes for rainbow as if my vote wasn’t already obvious


9-3 (I think)