The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


Have a **yes ** from me



Someone needs to take swoodley and chop to a rave.


no they don’t.





Chop would be good fun after hours with only a little encouragement.


I like EDM Thursday. YES

DJ Kj_11 (ninth spin)
SONG #1168 Three drives on a vinyl, by Greece 2000

YES: PP, Klaw, Peos, Ham, LB, Digg, Kira
NO: Swood, Chop



I wonder how many “besties” they’d make.


Ah, the memories.

This track. Late 90s. Gatecrasher Black cranking at my beach pad in Sandringham. The Bayside Crew. Party prescriptions. Fun times.




I’m plenty of fun after hours… I just don’t listen ■■■■ music.


Yep go KJ my boy


Pity that you’re still ‘only 19’. :wink:




I went to London in 2002. The day we arrived my bro in law who was living in London told us we were going to a gig. Gig turned out to be a massive rave at Brixton Academy. I’d never been to one before so it was a huge eye opener. Anyway I was walking into the loo when a dude strolled out of a cubicle with powder streaked across his nostrils said to me “enjoy your trip man”. “Thanks dude, how’d you know I was on holi…oh right”. :laughing: :blush:


This is great. I play the music, you guys supply the sob stories.


Well no one has any serotonin left, no wonder they are all sob stories.




Rave Thursday brings the punters back!



really need to get to that…