The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT



Still less gross than the front room at Twister.


Ha, perfect response.




I’ve already got some yeses from you this set, just not today. So I’m happy.


I was being polite…it’s not nice to No vote everything

(and I do actually like Teenage Dirtbag)


On the one hand - I liked Mindy.
On the other hand - the song is shiit.
Let’s say - no.


Gee…the return of Rave Thursday seems to be turning out quite a fizzer.

Maybe you need to try a bit of metal to get the crowd back…or at least music with actual instruments and people playing them :stuck_out_tongue:


Can anybody get Swoodley some pingaz?


Don’t bother…I’m so old I wouldn’t know what to do with them



what’s the vote?

I must say I’m a bit worried about Mindy and Cindy being forced into tanning beds. Have we heard that they’re OK?

I’m in the yes to see what swoodley says next camp.


So Yes


DJ Kj_11 (eleventh spin)
SONG #1170 Zombie nation, by Kernkraft 400

YES: Davo, PP, Peos, Klaw, frost, Digg
NO: Crazy, Swood, Deck,



Fark ya’s all,…how about that for a start. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit: Five posts to go before this once proud thread dies an ignominious death at the hands of the EDM crowd


:slight_smile: .


Au contraire, 3 more posts and EDM will be immortalised in the thread title & annals of DJ King history forever.




Why Johnny, why?


Well, since nobody else was interested in giving awards for DJ IV, I thought I’d give it a go:

Team Awards

Best player: JohnRain

Best clubman: Lifetime_ban

Best team player: Hoffy

Community award: Deckham

Most courageous player: mrjez

Leading goal kicker: Paul_Peos

Best defensive player: Preliminary_Point2

Rising star: TDSpartan

Most improved player: Knig

Cheer squad Award: SMJ

Honours Recipients

The Iron Maiden medal: Yossarian and choppsuey

The Gangster drive-by award: Socks_and_Sandals

The Cosmic Gate cult-membership bursary: Davo

The phat phunk guernsey: Zimmer

The Red Symons Gong: BAAKKEERRRR

The victims of EDM scholarship: swoodley

The Andrea Bocelli freaky-song-selection prize: Klawdy Kj_11 Langers4 up_up

The best holiday sob-story series and good bloke shield: hambo

The Bjork & bath fetish trophy: Crazy_Bomber

The I-take-selfies-with-my-blanky cup: wimmera1

The Punters Club patronage stamp: frosty Zimmer mrjez BAAKKEERRRR

The McLusky’s Jedi-felatio voucher: AVanderScreamer

The Wall of Voodoo double-chance scratchy: Robin_Close swoodley

The 10% off coupon for Noobs: Cold_Blood

The I’m-drunk-and-have-just-gone-chippy-in-my-slippers gift certificate: JohnRain

Apologies to those I’ve missed—nothing personal, I’ve just ran out of award ideas :frowning: But, it’s been a great team effort to get the DJ thread to 40 000 posts. And here’s hoping we can get another 10 000 posts in DJ King V.

In closing, special thanks to the OG, Diggers, who invented the game. The OG will always be the best G.