The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Frosty...starting with the "R" rated songs "Warning - Adult Content"


Maybe the link is ok but your ears are rooted?


Guess it depends on whether you rate The Black Keys (I don’t at all - reckon they’re utterly ■■■■■).
The main bloke from BK produced CTE’s last album. He is one of those producers who has a “sound” and makes everything he touches sound alike. Same thing as Josh whatever his name is from QOTSA…






ahh ok cool. I thought you were going to say the BK’s are secretly racist, raping nazi’s or something.

Does having a ‘sound’ like that come from a limited range of tricks and ideas when producing?


One of those bands that I’ve seen but who may as well have not existed given the effect they had on me.

Expedient yes


Almost certainly… either that or a stubborn unwillingness to do something differently I guess…


Have a yes that’s just afterglow from Lazy Eye.


I can’t imagine me ever wanting to listen to this twice. No.


there is the occasional gem in Oasis’s later albums. This is one of the better ones


Good song. Yes. I’m a fan of Rhys Ifans as well, although I haven’t seen that film.


Every piece of me wants to say no to spite them for being arrogant twats.

But I’d be an arrogant twat too if I was that talented.



Quite decent for Oasis. Decent enough for a YES anyway.


Remember when langers played that Ryan Adams cover :joy:

This is way better yes.


remember when @AVanderScreamer played this song about 500 songs ago :laughing:

have another yes


oh ■■■■ you’re right!!
I’ve been going through the list as well - but didn’t for this and it was ■■■■■■■ me that played it.

There has been a couple of doubles, funniest is a Jebediah song that went 10-0 through one time and voted out the next time


I remember it (and made the same comment re: Rhys Ifans at the time). Thought Vander might have picked up on it. It’s bound to happen occasionally - with the music library starting to bulk up (from the same DJ, though - precedent). :grin:


Irresponsible and careless repetition. Completely unacceptable. Standards need to be maintained! NO :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever recovered from the mauling I copped for playing Oasis way back when. They’re a band I don’t much like (apart from that one fkn song) and that episode gave me another reason to hate them.
Therapy has helped somewhat… :slight_smile:



DJ plays the same song twice. We are in Shaun Marsh territory here for setting unwanted records…