The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Frosty...starting with the "R" rated songs "Warning - Adult Content"


I’ve had “A Different Kind Of Tension” on repeat play all day. Such a good record. Great, spacious production and a major development in songwriting (particularly side two).

Interesting trivia: his “Homosapien” album was originally intended to be demos for a 4th Buzzcocks album, but the band dissolved before getting a chance to record it. The label accepted them as “release-able” so the demos became his solo record.


I went with Singles Going Steady today. Yes for EFIL, it would sit in my top ten all time faves.


This is why this thread is great. It’s the equivalent of the old school search many of us used to do - trawling the stores, listening to bits and pieces, taking a day or a week or longer to find the album we would buy with the little money we had. in amongst all the dross you’d discover something that spoke to you and would end up defining you.

Right now, I’ve actually, really, properly listened to and heard this song - one that I thought I’d heard before. 40 years after its release. Just sorry that it is a consequence of its author’s passing.


Yes to this post.

As well as to the song.



I’ve spent the last Ho em last 2 hours listening to punk songs in the hope I get to play a few here. 70’s - now. Pre punk playlist on Spotify and the evolution of punk.

Memories coming back and new songs I’ve not listened to


I have this rubbish scrolling thing going on with the MobileMe version… I can’t add up the votes. What is the score?


At least 7-0


Yeah that’s 7


Yes to make it certain.


A NO just to ease the tension.






You made it to 7-0, now it’s 9-1 go again


This is from my favorite punkish album of the last decade.


Fun I suppose. I’m sure pretending to play a hofner v bass as if it’s a 6 string acoustic is supposed to be ironic. (I sure sound like @BAAKKEERRRR after a couple of whiskies.) I really liked the bridge/solo, but it wasn’t enough.


Edit: jeez film clips are phoned in these days.


Agree on the video. 20 mins and done.

There was about 5 songs from the album that I was tossing up to play.


It’s obviously an extremely clever link the Buzzcocks tune. The Stranglers in 1977 also appeared on Top of the Pops playing Go Buddy Go. Hugh Cornwell pretends to play the bass.


I never mean to sound so harsh - I read back and think ‘hang on dude!’ I know it’s not in the DJT spirit, but sorry.


No (though, to be fair, following The Buzzcocks today of all days was a nigh impossible task…)