The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Frosty...starting with the "R" rated songs "Warning - Adult Content"


Yeah, I think this was part of it too.


Good bloke YES


Not my bag, but I like it when people play different stuff to the norm.

Appreciative yes


It was ok. Yes


Given you voted Yes to One Direction, I will concur that you are a fair and impartial voter.

For me, punk was a word Clint Eastwood used before shooting the bad guys. Never did get into it in any of its guises like many here appear to have done. Always thought it was an excuse for muso’s who couldn’t play and singers who couldn’t sing.

edit: that’s a no from me. Bog ordinary song.


Great avatar. Who is it? Can’t zoom on my phone.


Edit: hang on your saying I voted yes, surely not!


Yep, certainly did.


ish” indeed.

Yes, but the next one needs to be better.


You voted yes to One Direction and Teenage Dirtbag?


I don’t reckon I did to one direction. I must have been feeling very generous.

Teenage dirtbag I probably voted yes to take the ■■■■.


One Direction almost got through, so a fair few must have said yes.

Can you remember your vote on Two Princes?


I brought the CD. So irrelevant how I voted.


It’s Johnny Ramone. I never got voted out on them, I just love great live shots like the Mick Jones I had previously.


Definitely, though perhaps more a badge of honour. Or that making music didn’t have to be off limits and lack of technical skill could be compensated for in energy and creativity.


But the serious answer is I stopped voting properly a long time ago.

I like the underdog, the quirky and even the occasional troll.

It’s no longer a serious comp and I’m ok with that. It gives people 4 or 5 spins, I hear something different and I’ll generally vote yes. Unless it’s aweful.

Or I’ll be like jez said before, if it’s a set I’m not digging I’ll just stay out for a while. If others think a DJ is killing it but I don’t, meh people are having fun.


Incidentally has there ever been a thread on blitz where so much discussion has been held on the meta of the thread.


I wouldn’t think so.

Nor has there been a thread where the participants are so pleased with themselves about the thread’s existence.

Has anybody tried to explain this thread to outsiders? Friends, work colleagues? I’ve tried a few times, and I always get the same pitied look. A look that says “I’m sorry it’s come to this mate.”


I have to a few colleagues and friends. Most smile and then slowly leave the room.


I have at work and they think there’s a lot of jerks in this thread for voting no to my songs. :joy: