The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @klawdy...his song choices are so bad, he's gone to play golf to get away from them


So bad, I can’t not say No.


damn i should of said no last t ime if i only knew so your getting a NO this time!


I would have Yessed Bronski as well.


suicide time KJ - you get my No then!


How boring must they be to turn up to a jam or songwriting session and churn out that dross and think to themselves, “Yeah that’s cool” NO


Another one hit wonder.





the worrying part is a large number of the general public also thought it was good!


equal parts frustrating and exciting growing up as “alternative” guy.


Terrible, easy no.


They have a “best of” album:


I didn’t want you to commit harakiri @Kj_11 :frowning: I only asked, because I would’ve voted no for your previous song if that’s what you wanted.

Definite NO for this one, however.


ok, my reading that is at least 7 no’s…


given my 2-3 song set average…who wants to be up next?




What’s going on in this thread? Very confusing. I thought the point was to… hang on, what is the point?


This song is ok, not my bag, but I can see some merit.Small yes.




Kinda quirky. yes