The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff




  1. Appreciate Iron Maiden historically, but there a few songs where theatrics and the falsetto etc. don’t end up annoying me. This isn’t one of them.

  2. Not a great sonic version, or performance, but can’t No - even despite the circular logic… one of the first songs I played in cover bands. (The mega-stadium performance bored me toward the end. Why does the bass-guitarist need his own decorative square of carpet?)

  3. Again, the theatrics and vocals. I can see it’s an acquired taste, very Nordic? and appreciated the very primal element of the chant - but didn’t do enough for me. Give me some Bathory!

Overall a 2 YY 1 N from me.

PS. BAAAAKKKERRRKERR has hacked my account again.

(I have to say, I read back on what I’ve written, and it seems fucking harsh! Sorry @Yossarian I didn’t mean to come off that way. I’m just glad that you played a metal set.)

13-14 (93%)

@Diggers has abandoned his best project, and all of us that have followed him:

Like all business guys, he’s already moving on to new things:





14 Y / 13 N ? Just checking.

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LIVE SET #24: DJ Yossarian
Fear of the dark, by Iron Maiden
Killing in the name of, by Rage against the machine
Valhalla, by Blind Guardian

NYY (frost)
YYN (Hoffy)
NNN (Klaw)
YNY (crumb)
YYY (Kira)
YYN (Rain)
NYN (Bake)
NNN (Crazy)
YYN (Zimm)
NYY (ham)
YYY (Swood)
YYN (Peos)

21-15 (140%)
Official LIVE DJ #18

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I was NYY, so that’s 21

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Apologies. My mistake. I’ll fix it :slight_smile:

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That’s 24 DJs who have participated :slight_smile: Are there any other DJs who want to play?

No not very nordic, german power metal!

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I counted it many times and still thought I was missing something.

You can be excused after such an amazing effort. Thanks.

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The thing is, if I added them to my Google play thing, I’d probably end up really liking them. Will get back to you.

Give GiventoFly74 a ping. He/she has been putting a wealth of live stuff up in the Music You’ve Been Listening To thread. They may/may not be interested…


When’s the make up exam for us failures?


I reckon Saturday morning when all the smart kids are out having fun :wink:

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