The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff




Here you go @JohnRain. follow up to last nights discussion:

“Richmond recorders was the studio and next door was the Record Plant. They were in Adolph St in East Richmond. The bloke that owned the place who I won’t mention had an import/export business. He used to import records from OS and then repressed them here in Oz. Some were even exported back overseas.”


Thanks kindly for following up. Cheers.


Till tomorrow from the turntables where you first heard Dylan- I want you


Have a yes


Pm calculators mate said :

“The pdf that is mentioned by mrjez pretty much says it all! I looked
through it and it’s pretty correct in its info.”


Yes. 9-5


I hate this song. I was waiting to kill you. But, I hate waiting more than I hate this song. YES

DJ up_up (tenth spin)
SONG #1265 The teachers are afraid of the pupils, by Morrissey

YES: PP, Zimmer, ham, frost, hoff, LB, Swood, RC, SS, Kira
NO: Rain, Crazy, Klaw, jez, Baker,



Thrilled that got through, as an appreciation/antidote have some pumping pop which @BAAKKEERRRR had planned to play but didn’t get to






Ah yes, the one Sonic Youth song I like (other than the ridiculous “word up” nonsense in the middle). Yes.

A guy at uni bought me a Sonic Youth CD for my 21st. I guess he figured that, since we liked a lot of the same stuff, I’d naturally like it. It was unlistenable, and quickly swapped at Dixons for something more palatable.


I’ve got a white vinyl VU self-titled from Modern Records in Sydney from the 1990s- one of your pressings?


Prog glam




Pointless no.


They had many better songs but this will garner a yes out of me.


Always annoyed me for some reason. I don’t think so. No




Could never deal with Deal’s man-hating, of which this song is just another example.
It’s an okay song, but ■■■■ off.
LL’s okay, and hardly the first person to pose with a big cat.