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Oh, sorry.
Mistook her for another jerk.


This confuses me a bit but I think I have it right. Kim Gordon interviews LL in Spin Magazine in 1989 and is understandably offended when he says “the guy has to have control over his woman”. So she gets Chuck D to play LL in this video, pointing out that LL’s standing up against “male white corporate oppression” shouldn’t be at the expense of “us girls”.


Yep, clearly I meant Gordon.
But both her and Deal ■■■■ me with their banging on.

Edit: One of them, and clearly they’re pretty much interchangable to me but I think Gordon, credited herself as ‘Mrs Husband’s Name’ on an album. I thought that was pretty cool and clever.
Another, might have been the same one, might not have, said they wished there was a female serial killer who chopped mens ■■■■■ off so men knew what it was like to live in fear.

■■■■ you.
■■■■ both of them.




I flip-flop on how much I like Sonic Youth, but generally dig the Sister to Dirty years. So yes.

I’ve never heard any irrational or off-putting things said by Gordon or Kim Deal. Gordon’s recent book is a good read, and I’ve heard many interviews with both where they’ve always come off cool.


Nope, sorry


yes. the sonic youth biography is a great read as well if people are into such things.


It was back in the day in the freebie rags.


YES. P.S. Kim Deal was Mrs. John Murphy on the first record.


Yeah, see, that was cool.


That’s a yes


Expedient YES

DJ up_up (eleventh spin)
SONG #1266 Kool thing, by Sonic Youth

YES: Rain, Klaw, Bake, Peos, SS, jez, AVS, ham, Split, Kira
NO: wimm, Zimm, Kj, Hoff,



King of Kings gets us there under sufferance again. Here’s one @AVanderScreamer once quoted. I don’t mind the lyrics but prefer the melodic psych vibes.



Tame Impala obligatory yes.

Edit: Also, ‘I am not a number! I am a FREE MAN!’



‘I’m not a doctor but I play one in real life.’


I have the same reaction to just about every Tame Impala song.
0 - 1 minutes: This is pretty good.
1 - 2 minutes: Mind starts to wander.
2 - 3 minutes: I really must listen to Revolver again.
3+ minutes: What was I listening to again?

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards is the only track which has ever gripped my attention from beginning to end.


Love this song,


Nice impression of another era’s sound, but nah.