The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff






Nerp. Not for me.


I’m going to vote yes, but was close to bakerrs vibe.






Every vocal sounds like George H. Gives me the ■■■■■ -

Annoys me coz I love George H, just to be clear.




You back on your feet @Crazy_Bomber ?


Yep, agree entirely.
There’s paying respect to, then there’s downright aping.
Their (his?) music isn’t awful by any means, it just doesn’t hold my attention and I find it as musical-magpie as Oasis was.






I almost liked this one, but NO

DJ up_up (twelfth spin)
SONG #1267 Solitude is bliss, by Tame Impala.

YES: wimm, Split, RC, frost, Hoff,
NO: Zimm, Bake, jez, Rain, ham, Klaw, Cray, Peos, Kira



No thanks


Obviously a yes


Still quite sick but I’m back at work, can barely talk now due to a viral infection ha. Least I got to see the Shiel news live but life is miserable right now it’s fair to say, haven’t been this sick in a long time.


Get well soon, man.


Thanks all,

It’s been consuming and fun. As before, I nominate @TDSpartan , if not @Crazy_Bomber , if still no interest @BAAKKEERRRR


Seems to be a theme - happened to me a couple of weeks ago, on my week off!! Can’t remember being that sick. Throat so sore I couldn’t swallow or talk. Anyway. Get well.


I think @Kira had a list of a few that hadn’t had a spin in a while as well.