The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


12 spin set is pretty impressive @up_up Up there in the higher numbers.


Yep, @Crazy_Bomber was one of them. Thanks too- 12 is a PB for mine, and my grandma wouldn’t have wanted me stranded on 13.


I’m no good for a spin right now. I wouldn’t have the enthusiasm or banterous fight to make things interesting.


Thanks bruh.

I got a “you look like ■■■■” a few times today which I have to insist is just the way my face usually looks.


Soft…very, very soft :wink:


My wife got a throat infection the day before our honeymoon so I guess I can’t complain. I certainly did tho.


Maybe if you guys didn’t make me feel worse with boring terrible music I wouldn’t be in this position. I blame everyone in this thread, and particularly Diggers.


Sounds like you need a Bjork marathon to cheer you up


So if no @TDSpartan in 15 minutes, the vacant crown is passed to @BAAKKEERRRR


Where is that stupid guy anyway???


BAAAKKEERR pm’d me and told me to play this.


Great set, @up_up! I really liked some of your songs but hated others—which I think is a good thing. Also, I hadn’t heard any of your songs before. So, you’ve significanlty contributed to my musical education :slight_smile:


I was so very close to actually playing that. Love it. Played it at my sisters 21st. Put it through a ■■■■ PA and it sounds like an old school VFL theme song.

Edit: In fact, maybe the wooden spooners from any given year should have to run out to that for every game of the next season.

Imagine Carlton running out to that next year - (and still beating us.)


You rascally rascal - I did not. I pm’d you to play this*

*May not be true


Love the sax in that song :joy:


So…is this your first song?

I’ll give you a welcoming Yes if it is


Yes if that’s the song.


No, no… I’m patiently waiting for Spartan like the rest of you…


Although 2-0? Hmm…


Come on people as if Bakes would play a song with a terrible sax line like that.


Although the movie is all time.