The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


I echo @Kira’s sentiments about @up_up’s set.
Variable, but the good was generally GOOD. And variable’s good.


24 second intro on “The Heat is on”, immediate sax… I’ll yes it. In hell.


True…he’d obviously play this (given that this is where his username came from)


Timely to praise @Kira 's guiding hand as well. Ongoing outstanding commitment. @BAAKKEERRRR , you’re on!


saxing it up here


Can’t believe you threw this classic away on a gag, this was on my list!


cant believe it was 28 yers ago…lol


Think it might have already had a run. Might have been the other Guru Josh song.

The piano solo is worse than the sax IMHO.


Would’ve yessed Infinity too (hey, it’s a synth line not a sax!)
Anyway…Weezer. Such a frustrating band. Their worst is diabolical, their best is fantastic. Sadly, there’s been much of the former over the last 10 years. Every so often though they drop something which reminds you how good they can be. And there really should be more rock in 6/8 time…


Should have played Baker Street

First Ball NO


I don’t know a lot of Weezer, so as far as continuity or consistency goes I have no idea.

It was line ball for me until that - or rather those two beautifully segued - excellent guitar solo(s). YES


I have no idea how technically proficient the solos are, but it sounds like he was having a whole lotta fun playing them.


Quirky lyrics, but I liked the instruments. Yes.


They have better songs… They have worse songs…



That was okay.


Also, I think that’s up to 5 Weezer tracks now?

Second only to Bjork I would think.


Beautifully weighted for the song - that’s exactly what they need to be.


Are we conflating/confusing Weezer and Ween? I think Ween have had around 5 or so. Off to the spreadsheet. (Once again, my life is right on track this year.)


Weak yes. I’ve tried to get into weezer but allways struggle.


I thought they were both on 4, but this is now Weezers 4th.

My mistake, many apologies.