The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Absolutely they do! Wanted to go for something less obvious, and recent to (hopefully) show they can still cut it when they can be arsed doing so…


No I was just wondering. I’m pretty Ween-centric, so wouldn’t have noticed Weezer as much. I should be the repentant one.


didnt listen to song just voted yes because i liked her guns!


I like it when people play the lesser known tracks. That’s a good one. YES





Sun’s out get the guns out


Have you listened to their Pinkerton album much?

I reckon that’d be more your bag.


Back in the a.m if I get that far…


Listened to it once I think. Obv know el scorcho.

I’ll give it another shot.



DJ BAAKKEERRRR (first spin)
SONG #1268 L.A. Girlz, by Weezer

YES: Zimm, Rain, Peos, wimm, PP, Hesonly, ham, Kj, Kira
NO: Swood



Track 1: Tired of Sex, sold me on Weezer back in the day.

I had heard, and liked them before that, but that album (that song) made me pay much closer attention.

Which is funny, because that album got absolutely critically destroyed when it first came out.


You have read about that it was not liked when it come out. But retrospectively now considered a top album of all time.

The singer still hates it though.


He sways with the breeze on it.

He essentially disowned it at one point, and refused to play any songs from it, but when people started liking it down the track… “Actually, I like it again!”




wake up @BAAKKEERRRR ya lazy fark!


Weezer’s first album is so far above the rest it’s ridiculous. Pinkerton still good though.

This song was decent. ■■■■ video though, and girls with a “z”?

Why’d Baker go to bed when the song was almost at 10?


Oh wait, it’s daylight saving there now, right? Two hours ahead of me.


Oh yeah, totally agree with that.

Pinkerton is probably my personal favourite though, as that’s the album I properly ‘found them’ through.

Plus, it’s such a dark album.


When I was into Pinkerton I was going through some ■■■■■■ relationship stuff, and I’ve never been able to shake the connection. I hear some of those songs now and get bitter. It sucks cos the songs are solid.


Goddam those half Japanese girls.